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Monday, September 19, 2011

time for some knitting

I haven't posted any knitting in a long time, and I have had a lot of time to knit. So here's what's been happening: 

 My first finished object from Victorian Lace Today. Blocking on children's alphabet foam.

I really liked knitting these. They are a shorter sock so they knit up quickly. I *love* this colour and had so many compliments on it whenever I knit in public.
(Sorry for inconsistency with text & photos here, not having much luck with this). This is Wedge from Cookie A's Knit. Sock. Love. I used Yummy yarn. O boy this was crazy. This was my third or fourth Cookie A sock, and after having found that they were all knitting up on the large side, I decided to go down a needle size when I knit the first one. Months went by before I knit the second one, and I didn't consult my notes, so I knit them on the recommended needle. What resulted was one snug sock and one slightly big sock. But after 20-25 hours per sock, I am not reknitting. The yarn bled when blocked, so I needed to re-set the dye. 
Sigh. This is a sock I started in August 2010. Did I get frustrated with the pattern? Did I just lose my sock mojo? Or was I irritated at knitting socks on dpns for the first time? I don't know, but I finally got back to it. I have to. It's Malabrigo. And I really want to wear these socks. So in the past week I have knit the same heel twice because the pattern is stupid. (Brother Amos Hellfire Lace) I remember not liking the unusual toe construction, and I am less happy with the heel. I just finished turning this heel last night, will hopefully have smooth sailing to the end. And then I have to do the second sock. But I am turning all my UFOs into FOs, so this is good! I will wear these socks soon. 
My collection of hand-knit socks! And more have been added since this photo was taken. 
Sunshine from Cookie A's Sock Innovation. Gaia's Colour's yarn. None of the photographs I have taken of these socks seem to do it justice, the yarn is such a pretty colour in real life. Socks on the big side. Dye had to be re-set when blocking. But now I have purple socks!

Not pictured (only because I haven't taken pictures): a dog sweater for Roxy, Spiral Tweed Cloche (my second one), and a bun basket for my niece, who just started ballet last week and needs containment for her wild hair. The bun basket (bun holder? bun net?) is of my own design, and it was an experiment that worked out pretty well. I will try to replicate it & then write down the pattern, for those who are interested. It was fun & quick.

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  1. I love hand knit socks...but I get so excited about other projects... I think I have 4 singles of pairs of socks I started. Mostly I've accepted that, but having at least one complete pair would be nice.