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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Stacey vs. flu

So there's this flu and I that have this battle every day. It goes like this.

Me: [cough cough]
Flu: ha! I got you!
Me: NO [denial] I'm fine. I just need tea. Or soup or something.
Flu: How about I make you HURT ALL OVER
Me: Acetaminophen!
Flu: Oh yeah? How about I fill your chest with heaviness and pain!
Me: No way! I went to London Drugs last night and bought some Guaifenesin to kick your ass.
Flu: well you have me there, but it's only temporary.
Me: Yeah flu so I'm going to go about my day and you'd better just leave me alone


Flu: I noticed you forgot to take the Guaifensin. Take THAT! BAM!
Me: You bastard. Come here cold drugs


Sleep may or may not happen. If it does, it is likely to be intermittent, as I wake up coughing. Not a big cough, but just a stupid low, tickle-my-throat nagging cough. I take an extra strength Fisherman's Friend and try to go back to sleep. This has been going on for a week.

Meanwhile, I have been trying to get out for a run every other day. Yesterday was my run day and I didn't go because I wasn't feeling great. I want to go today, especially since it looks to be the last nice day before the rains come, but I fear the searing pain in my chest I will feel if I go. Sometimes it's okay to let yourself be sick, right?

You may recall I was incredibly ill in August. I was very sick for three weeks, and then it took rather a long time to recover completely - so long that I'm not sure I actually did recover completely. I'm not nearly as bad now as I was then (felt like a dull knife was being dragged through my lungs every time I coughed) but it is enough to be annoying.

Ok. So now what do I do? I want to exercise. My muscles are asking to go running. My lungs are not interested. Yoga would be a happy compromise, I suppose. I just feel blah. And it's a very wishy-washy sort of illness, since I'm not flat-out sick, it's just sort of nagging, like the younger sibling that hangs around no matter what you do to deter them.


  1. I say, let yourself be sick. Do yoga instead, it feels good, and you don't want to strain your Get better soon!

  2. LUNGS, don't want to strain your lungs...

  3. Your body is saying REST! You've been through a lot. It's ok. might want to go back to the doctor, just in case it's true that you didn't entirely get better from the first bout or that you're more susceptible to bronchitis or something. :( Don't let these things drag on. My.02! xxT