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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

and now I wait... some more

Goodness. This whole certificate from Korea thing has been a bit of a hassle. Dan mucked around with my photo and managed to fit nine 3x4cm images of me that would print out on to a 4x6 inch sheet. I downloaded this to my phone (where all my other photos are kept), and when I got to Wal-Mart (yes, I admit I went to Wal-Mart, but that's where they have the DIY instant printing of photos), I discovered that I couldn't retrieve the photo. That meant I had to go home, download it to a memory stick and go back.

That was yesterday. However, I don't know what I had done but it seems I threw my back out and even though I did do my volunteering stint at Providence Farm, by the time I got home I was exhausted. I didn't feel like making the drive all the way back to north Duncan (about 20 minutes from here) for a 30 cent photo. So I came home and got out my hot water bottle and took some muscle relaxants. The day was shot.

Today was my big day to go back into the Victoria RCMP to get my police certificate and fingerprints. Remember now, this ONLY happens on Wednesdays at 1:00. That's what I was told. And yet the sign said 1:15. At any rate, last week the nice lady told me to show up early and take a number, so that's what I did. After my huge frustration about parking last week I was delighted to find a great 2-hour parking spot right out front. I took my number (turns out, there was one other person ahead of me), and waited. Meanwhile, about 18 other people showed up behind me. It was a bit confusing because there is no sign telling you what to do, so normally a person would just approach the Inquiries desk. With nearly 30 people standing in the lobby, anyone just entering would think that we were all waiting in line, which wasn't quite true, because there were three different kiosks running. And then the homeless guy comes in with a chip on his shoulder about his stuff being confiscated and NO YOU DON'T NEED MY NAME OR ID I JUST WANT MY STUFF BACK and he was going on about how SOMEONE IS LYING etc. It was very nerve-wracking. I don't do well with confrontation, even if I'm not involved in it. I suspect the fellow had issues of mental health because he was being quite abusive to the clerk unnecessarily, and she just kept on saying 'how can I help you?'.

The first Criminal Record Check window opened up, and the lady processing the paperwork was lovely. The fellow before me was quick, and when I told her I needed this done because I'm trying to immigrate to the United States and I haven't been with my husband for 13 months... she said "I'm sorry". I'm getting that a lot these days. Apologies. Well, that's sweet. I have to say, through all of this gathering of documents stage, I am thanking the heavens that I didn't change my name when I got married and that I have only ever had the one name I now use. It sure makes things easier...

So I filled out some forms for the first lady, and then about 20 minutes later the fingerprinting guy (a uniformed officer) showed up. He set up his room, snapped on his latex gloves, looked out into the room as if he wanted to give us all rectal exams and said cheerfully "who's first?"

Again I was second in line. It was pretty straightforward. Have you ever had your fingerprints taken? It's an exercise in awkward physical intimacy. I experienced this too when they fingerprinted me at the border last September. The border agent or police officer takes each of your digits, rolls them in ink, and then rolls them on the paper. That sounds pretty benign but just imagine how close you have to be standing to a person if, say, they are to your left and you are reaching your right arm across so they can hold your hand. Awkward. They are used to this of course, and I'm sure they are trained to use all kinds of distracting tricks such as engaging you in conversation. I know how this works. The guy today asked me why I am immigrating. (Last fall the nice border agent asked me about the origin of my last name.) Afterwards he directed me to the sink where I could wash the ink off my hands. It wasn't coming off. I suggested they put some GoJo there (or Fast Orange or some other awesome de-yuck-ing agent).

I took my paper with fingerprints with me, and I will return next week to pick up my criminal record check.

Meanwhile, with memory stick in hand I went to the Big Scary Wal-Mart in Saanich. Luckily, I know where to park where I don't have an issue with my big truck. I went in, fount their photo finishing department, plugged in, boom, done. I love it when things are easy. Getting out of the store was also easy. This new store they built is SO ugly I don't know how people can go there but it is always busy. All I had to do from there was to cut out two of the nine 3x4cm photos, drop them into the ExpressPost envelope, take them to a postal outlet (in Mill Bay, on my way home), and it's done.

So now I wait for all the things. Hopefully my birth certificate will be within two weeks, my police certificate for Canada will be next week, and then the thing from Korea - that will take the longest. When I have these documents to hand, I will scan them and send them to Dan, who will turn them into PDF format and submit to the Visa Center. Once all these items are gathered, then they will give me my interview date. I'm sure I've told you this before, but I reiterate it to make it clear in my own head too.

Meanwhile, we are in full swing with harvesting stuff from the garden every day. I'll have to start posting about these things.


  1. It's good to hear that progress is being made, even though it's slow. I was wondering, How did Dan move to the US without having to go through all this?

  2. He has dual citizenship, complete with Social Security Number, as he has worked in the US before. He was able to waltz right in...