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Sunday, November 10, 2013

I've been a terrible blogger

I don't think it's just me. I have been hearing reports of lots of people letting their blog fall to the wayside. In fact, just the other day on twitter, one of my friends said "Is blogging still a thing?"

Sigh. I want to be blogging more, honest I do. For some reason I am finding it really hard to get to my computer. Sometimes that includes *finding* my computer. All joking aside, I feel like I have been working away at all kinds of things and blogging seems like leisure time that I can't seem to muster without feeling guilty*

An update of what's happening. I am now six weeks into my job at the health food store. Really? That sure went by fast! I am getting more hours than I complained of at the beginning and have really settled in. I really like it there and the people I work with. It's tiring and engaging work, but I learn something every day and have fun doing it. Judy tells me every day she appreciates my work and let me tell you, as an employee, that goes a long way in my books. When I first started, Judy told me that she would sell anything I made. Thus, I have been busy making soap!

These last two weeks have seen me in full-on soap production as I have whipped up eight batches which are now curing in the room that was supposed to be our dining room but has actually turned into my craft room/office area. They will be ready around Thanksgiving at the end of November. Since then, Cynthia at the Overland Gallery has also offered to sell them. This makes me happy! Back in Victoria, everyone and their neighbour makes soap but out here, no one is doing it, so there was definitely a niche there for me. What else can I do?

In the spring time I planted TONS of sunflowers and marigold seeds, mostly that were given to me by friends. I have since harvested all the seed heads they have produced and I have hundreds of thousands of those seeds. I could separate them all out and put them in packets for the spring. Wouldn't that be fun?

Kinston has some really weird and strict health restrictions around food production or you know I would be all over that.

Dan and I took a trip to Asheville a few weeks back - I didn't take a lot of photos but maybe a blog post about that is in order. Next weekend I'll be heading off to DC for the AMIA symposium I mentioned in my last post. I have picked out all my outfits for those four days and they are all black, so I'll see if I can do some switching up. I get to take the train! Dan has booked me on the Amtrak and I am so excited to be on a train. It even has wifi!

There has been tons of stuff I have wanted to blog about these past few weeks but didn't write down any of the ideas so I'm falling short here of what to talk about, so this is probably the best place to sign off, especially since dinner is ready (Dan is cooking!)

*knitting and reading novels also fall under this category

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