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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Adventure to the Uinta Mountains

My mum had been visiting for 17 days, left on Wednesday last week. It took us a few days and an entire weekend, but I'd say we're pretty much back to normal now. In fact, we had an entire long weekend with no real plans* so we decided to go for an adventure by just getting in the truck with a picnic lunch and head east.

We had never been to Park City before, where most of the skiing happens. I'm not a skier and even if I could afford that sport, I wouldn't be. It's winter, it's down hill on slippery things, no thank you. (I tried once as a 14-year old, had an accident that resulted in 18 stitches in my scalp, declared NEVER AGAIN). It was Memorial Day here in the US, so only about half the shops and restaurants in Park City were open. I didn't take any photos there. If you've seen one expensive tourist resort town (Banff, Tofino, Asheville), you've seen them all. We decided to continue west towards Strawberry Reservoir and beyond.

Mr. Cupcake getting some high-altitude fresh air.

The above is overlooking Strawberry Reservoir. We missed the turn that would have had us go down the western side, but thought "hey, we have a 4x4 truck, we can do back roads" and carried on up to 9,300 feet to find this.

To the right is a several-hundred-feet drop off, so we had to turn around and go back the way we came to a more reasonable road. But there was some significant bouncy road driving first.

The perspective is hard to tell from this photo but I would say we are angled down about 35 degrees. It was steep.

This is the same steep hill, coming back the other way, having found a dead end.

We ended up driving as far as Duchesne before turning south and came back to the Salt Lake Valley through Spanish Fork. I love that view of Spanish Fork when you come around the corner and see nine massive wind turbines moving gracefully.

We drove through several different landscapes in the course of the day and no, I didn't take photos of them all. My favorite is the red rock formations. It was nice to be in a coniferous forest! I love the forest smells on a warm day.

Interestingly, after sitting in the truck for the entire day, my fitbit thought I had walked more than 5,000 steps. I guess that's what happens with all the bouncing we did while off roading!

There is so much to see and do in this state. I can't wait until we have camping gear and can start doing some exploring in destinations further than a day trip.

*Well, we were supposed to help a friend move on Sunday, but after asking her twice what time and what her address was, and hearing no response, we had a free day with no plans!

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