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Monday, July 21, 2014

The Dead Room

For the 4th of July weekend, my friends Emily and Alfred from the community garden invited Dan and I up to their family cabin at Bear Lake for the weekend. Offered to let us camp in the yard. Camping? Adventure? A part of Utah we had never been to before? A body of water? A weekend with people from the Violin Making School? Okay! Our only problem was that we didn't have a tent, so Dan ordered a truck tent online. It arrived the Wednesday before the weekend and we took it to Liberty Park to set it up to test it.

Not quite standing room for me but Dan managed okay. 

Ready for adventure!

Tons of land for sale in this valley.

Mr. Cupcake overlooking Bear Lake.

So the house belonged to Alfred's father who passed away a couple of months ago. He was an old school hunter, big game and small. As soon as we arrived, Emily offered to show us The Dead Room and we had no idea what we were in for. Turns out it was an entire natural history museum in a single room, with species not even Dan could identify. Mr. Cupcake enjoyed the photo op.

Outside now, obviously, but there was some pretty wacky art!

So when one goes camping in a truck tent, you could be all bohemian-like and have things like thermarests or air mattresses, but we just didn't want to spend the money. Instead, we spent the money on a piece of OSB which Dan cut to fit to serve as the platform, and we brought our bed with us. And the Persian rug. Like you do. Camping in style!

Mr. Cupcake watching Dan talking to Kevin from the Violin school. Dan is also a maker of fine instruments and had a lot to chat with Kevin about.

I'm about two drinks in here.

The inevitable jam session.

Dan brought two of his ukeleles and his canjo.

The place we were staying was just a short drive from the Idaho border, so we decided to pop across the line and see what kinds of craft spirits Idaho had in its liquor store. (Huckleberry shine and Grand Teaton vodka).

I misread the email about what we were supposed to bring and so we brought two dozen eggs instead of one. I think someone else did too because there were about six dozen eggs in the fridge for fifteen people. That's a lot of scrambled eggs, so we decided to make devilled eggs on our second night there. Dan makes amazing devilled eggs.

 I made a Greek salad.
 And a lettuce salad with greens from my garden.

While we were there I had a chance to go out on a wave runner a couple of times (Did you know they go up to 46mph?) and a peddle boat with Dan. That was fun, it was nice being on the water with him, though we wished we were sailing.

Another shot of the Dead Room.

View of the house from the beach.

We had a great time that weekend and it was really a lot of fun meeting new friends. We met a couple who live on the other side of our block! When we got home and ran into Yatzik, our neighbor down the street, and told him that we had just spent the weekend at Bear lake, he mentioned his friend who lived up there and gave the exact description of the family that is living in this very house. Such a coincidence! 

We took a winding route to get home, different than the way we got there, as we like to explore and see new things. Then we got home and were tired, you know how it is. 

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