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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Hearkering back to July 2014...

I promised before Christmas (so long ago!) I would resume blogging. Why has it been so hard? What have I been doing with myself?

I plan to spend the next several posts doing a bit of a retrospective. Below is the story of what happened in July from where I left off with a lesson in discharging firearms...

Oh yes. My garden nerd friend Emily invited us to join them for an alpine hike up Little Cottonwood Canyon to Margaret lake. The trailhead took about 40 minutes to get to, driving.

It was extremely hot in the valley that day, probably something like 88 degrees, so we were all happy to get to higher elevations to escape the heat. The trail head was at 8500 feet.

We stopped for a snack on a big boulder and there were some extremely friendly critters who would gladly take blueberries from us.

Here we are at 9,500 feet, after a mile of hiking. I have never been alpine hiking before and it had been a long time for Dan. Our friends continued on to the summit (they are experienced hikers) while we headed back. Dan has had several knee surgeries so going down steep hills is really hard on him.

A week later, I was invited to come pick over some seeds and get some compost from Wasatch Community garden, items that had been donated to them by other organizations. I brought home more than I need, but I will be sharing with friends and neighbours!

And then I thought, while I'm at it, I should probably do a seed inventory so I know what I have. Sam was helpful.

In the summer, my department started recognizing people for showing our "values": relationship, leadership, relevance. Since I started tweeting for the department in July, they decided I was showing leadership and recognized me for it at our monthly Coffee Break. 

In looking though my photos for what to include, I realize that I should probably do a garden-only post, a food-only post, and a Sam-only post. This cat below here is not Sam, but a cat that hangs around the community garden. He always came meowing sweetly whenever we came to harvest. He loved being petted and picked up, purred nonstop, and nobody knew if he had a home or where he came from.

Such a sweet kitty. If Sam didn't hate all other cats, this one would have come home with us for sure.

This is sort of funny. We had been having troubles with the truck overheating, and Dan fixed it so we took a drive up the hill into the desert to test the engine. I took this photo and tagged it #desertselfie for Twitter, then a twitter account called Jaunty Hat "fixed" my photo for me and sent it back.

The summer really flew by, stay tuned for August and more! 

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