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Friday, April 1, 2011

Real People Read My Blog!

Some weeks ago I passed along the URL for this blog to someone I work with. Most people I know aren't blog readers so when I say "I have a blog!" I fully expect rolling eyes. But my coworker acknowledged having read it and said "do you write about everything?"


Well yes, yes I do. Some of it goes here. What I can't put here, either lives in my head or goes in my journal.

See, I love to write and I love to share stuff. I also happen to think I'm hilarious. Some things I would love to write about are simply not appropriate for a public audience. I would love to tell you about lots of the stuff that happens at work but I signed some confidentiality thingy and I live in a small town. But twenty years from now you can bet some of these stories will surface in short stories and novels.

But maybe he meant every topic. I mean, if I'm going to write about catheters, for crying out loud. there are no limits to the things I'll write about. Well, as you can see by the lengthy list over there --------> you can see there are many topics I can go on and on and on about. They always say "write what you know" and that's what I'm doing. I write about what I experience, what I think about, and sometimes I throw in stories.  I even write about my knitting on occasion.

OH speaking of knitting, I'm going to tonight's Knit Night in Tofino (yes, going to Tofino for the second time today), and will spend tomorrow and half of Sunday at Long Beach Lodge learning from the master, Cookie A, on designing.  So it's possible and even likely my next few posts will be about knitting.

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