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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Internet! I made it work!

Soon there will be no stopping me.

O my dear readers, how I have missed you! And I have so much to tell you!

I have not been able to blog since arriving at my sister's place because they have weird Internet. And by weird I mean an Internet connection I have never seen before. See, they are out on a farm where until earlier this year, only dial-up was available. For some reason, I thought they had had cable installed but it turns out they have this little plug-in that picks up a cell phone signal and turns it into an Internet carrier, just like how it works on the iPhone.

When I first got here, I tried using it on my sister's computer (an old Compaq laptop) and it was s o  s l o w.  As in pages taking so long to load the server was reset. Then I thought maybe if I installed the device on my laptop (built this year, *way* faster than Lori's), it might work better. For some reason it didn't work that first day. I was discouraged. Am I doomed to several weeks of no Internet at home? Will I only be able to get connectivity if I go into Camrose and hang out at Starbucks?

And then, today, I thought "I'll try again, see if I can make it work". And I did! It's WAY faster and now I can spend the entire afternoon Interneting. I am so excited I could pee.

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