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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kittycatting around

Sam and I have been here almost three weeks now. We have been hanging out downstairs for the most part, and when the dog is not in the house, I open the gate at the top of the stairs to encourage Sam to come up and explore. She's quite a scaredy cat but she is also rather vicious, not being socialized at all with other animals. The gate at the top of the stairs is to keep Roxy the dog from going down, rather than keeping kitty cats away.

I have been encouraging Sam to jump over the gate when she wants to come up. If she's downstairs and can hear me upstairs, she meows nonstop. It's really quite annoying. I know she can beat the snot out of dogs five times her size, Roxy should be a breeze if the dog causes any problems (Roxy is quite a chicken though too, and as a puppy, is learning very quickly). Piper, the sometimes housecat that actually lives here, jumps over the gate to get away from the dog & kids when she's home (but she is away for days at a time when the weather is fine).

Last night Sam took it upon herself to figure out how to get over the gate, as she could smell chicken in the kitchen. I had put the leftover butter chicken in Tupperware containers, cooling with lids ajar, on the counter next to the fridge. Lori and I were in the TV room and heard something coming from the kitchen. O! Sam is eating some chicken. I couldn't remember leaving a piece of chicken on the floor for her, for surely the dog would have scarfed it first. Turns out Sam found the Tupperware and helped herself. The sound Lori & I heard was of a lid falling to the floor. Sam had made it over the gate.

I knew then that it would mean Sam would be spending much of the night exploring this new found freedom. She was, as Dan would say 'kittycatting around'. I told Lori this before we went to bed - and to be prepared for Sam to wake Roxy up, as Roxy would surely start barking.

Sure enough, it happened, but I somehow managed to sleep through it. No harm done, Lori woke up, saw Sam with puffy tail, all was put to right and Lori went back to bed.

Just now I saw Sam make her way over: 

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  1. Too cute, Stace! Turns out our chicken that we thought was opening the gate latch was actually climbing over the top a la Sam. :) Now you'll just have to seal those lids a little more tightly!