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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

the four needs of the heart

I have to blog about this right now while it's fresh in my mind. Normally I would just write in my journal about it but I think it is profound enough to share with you.

As I mentioned, I am working my way through the Chopra Center's 21-day meditation challenge. Today was Day 9. The meditations are getting more and more intense, and each day I find more resonant than the previous day.

I am in a head space right now where my mind is tingling with learning. I have always believed that everything happens for a reason and that when we are meant to receive messages, all we need to do is pay attention. I have started praying recently, and have asked for all kinds of help, and my prayers have started being answered. The message that came through in the Chopra meditation today was exactly what I needed to hear. 

Davidji led today's meditation and in it he discusses the four needs of the heart: Attention, Affection, Appreciation, Acceptance. We were invited to chant these four words as mantras, either silently or out loud. As I was chanting these mantras, I flood of realizations came into my head. I may have these needs, but so does everyone else! I can apply this to the stressful family situation at hand. This will help me to have a more peaceful and loving response when and if the phone call comes. I can be mindful of their need for attention, affection, appreciation, acceptance. All negative emotion comes from fear, and that fear is a call for love. I can offer love. I can be loving to my relatives who are expressing these negative emotions.

Now I must tell you something. I have started working my way through A Course in Miracles. Since I have made this decision and begun this study, lots of interesting changes have been happening in my mind and in my life. I was introduced to the videos of Earl Purdy, who teaches the Course. I spent ten years being a Pagan and have never felt so close to the Divine as I do now, and this coming after two years of rejecting religion and spirituality outright. This is the reason I have come to accept why I am delayed in immigration - because I have a lot of learning to do right now. I am praying for the processing of my green card (and hopefully you are too - if so, thanks!), but in the mean time I have made peace with my situation.

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  1. I'll sit, breathe and pray with you, may the uiversal love open itself (and the US boundaries) for you, whether your source of inspiration is Jesus, Buddha, or someone else.
    Davidji was in Amsterdam (Netherlands, Europe) last wednesday, he really got in to my heart... It helps me understand myself and those around me.