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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Who are you?

I'm sure every couple has their own vocabulary, or set of internal jargon that is meaningful only to them. Early in our relationship, whenever Dan would shave his beard, I would say "who are you?" because he really was a totally different-looking guy.

Case-in-point: when I first met Dan on St. Patrick's Day in 2007, I was pretty sure he had some facial hair. I can only say "pretty sure" because, well, it was my favourite holiday and I was, er, in my cups. Well, tipsy, actually, but I remember him being a fun guy. The following week when we were again in a social situation together (arranged by our dear friend @atrdesign), somehow I was once again in my cups and when Flash pointed over there and said "There's Dan", I remember thinking "that's not the same guy, is it?" I was utterly confused but rolled with it. Thinking back now, he had either shaved his head or maybe shaved off a beard or goatee into a soul patch (which I hate, for the record), and there was something about his glasses. Anyway, he looked different but to talk with him he was definitely the same guy.

More recently, in this waiting for immigration business, Dan started growing his beard when we got rejected at the border in September 2011, and declared he would not shave it until my immigration was approved. Well, as much as I love My Sweety with facial hair, enough is enough. When he was here visiting last fall he shaved it off. He then went back to Kinston and shaved off all his hair too. So, when the Mother Earth Brewing Christmas party photo surfaced on Twitter, I saw the assembled cast and said "where is Dan? And who is that guy with no hair?" No really, I did that.

Yesterday when I picked Dan up at the ferry, I was expecting him to be wearing a hat with a brim and to have facial hair. Instead, he was wearing a hat I had knit for him years ago and had no beard. "Who are you?" I said. He said "I was about to ask you the same thing!" Since, you know, my hair has gotten a lot longer in the 10 weeks since he's seen me. :-)

This time, our being together definitely feels different. We both know that we are together now, and that he won't be flying back alone in a week or two. It hasn't quite set in yet, and that's okay. We're too busy to get bogged down with that anyway. We took the truck for a drive on the highway this morning, since in November Dan figured the truck would need a new clutch before our big long road trip. Now he's not so sure, maybe it will be fine? He'll check all the fluids and make sure everything is running in perfect order before we pack it all up on Thursday. I sure hope the rain holds off while we are tuning up the truck and doing the packing. Rain threatens at every moment.

Sam is not sure what to make of this Dan guy. She remembers he's really good at giving her good chin scrubbing and even jumped up on his lap this morning. I think she's annoyed though that she has to share the bed with him. Luckily he didn't bring his banjo this time - she really hates big noise.

It was Dan's birthday a week ago, and I'll be making a lasagna for dinner tonight. It's still the plan to leave on Friday, though after checking the tracking of my visa with the courier service, I don't think it has been sent yet. If my visa isn't here by Thursday, we'll have to delay our departure until it gets here. Meanwhile, packing continues and we are strategizing about which route to take and how long we expect to be driving. It's kind of fun though, we enjoy this kind of planning. Also, Dan has showed me photos and video he took on Sunday of our house! I'm so excited; in my mind I have already moved in. We have no furniture but a foamie and two camping chairs. That's a good start, right?

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  1. I'm so excited and happy for you! Finally you can relax and enjoy some time with your hubs. Can't wait to hear the new adventures.