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Thursday, January 31, 2013

hurry up and wait - again: more uncertainty

A week ago when I had my immigration visa interview in Montreal, I was told to expect three days for the processing of my visa and up to five days for it to be shipped to me. It's been a week now, or five business days, and it appears it hasn't even arrived at the courier to be sent yet. I don't expect there was a problem, as this was a standard procedure, but goodness, why is it taking so long? Am I looking at the wrong places for my information? Is my visa actually on its way and I'm just checking the wrong websites?

The original plan was for us to start our trip tomorrow. That was based on the assumption that it would have arrived today or before, and if it showed up in tracking, as it should have by now, we would have had a better idea of when to actually expect it. I suppose we were optimistic in anticipating the date of the visa's arrival, but even so, it would be nice to know that it has at least been sent. Good grief.

Thus, we now don't know when we will be leaving, but as Dan prepares the truck and I continue the packing, we will be ready to leave as soon as it comes.

It's still exhausting though. I hate moving, packing, thinking about the thousand details that need to be done. What will we need for our trip? How much clothing to pack and which garments will I need? I've packed most of our clothes now and am just doing a (hopefully) last load of laundry.

At any rate, our departure is once again unknown, alas. Will keep you posted.

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