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Friday, February 1, 2013

further frustrations

Where the hell is my visa?

In Montreal I was told it should only take a couple of days to process and then sent by courier. I just phoned Loomis, they have no record of it yet.

This means it hasn't left Montreal yet.

On the piece of paper I received after my interview, it said "don't hesitate to call us". So I called. The automated voice message said "for immigration visa inquiries, send email to this address", so I emailed this address. The auto-reply was "for blah blah blah you must fill out this form on this address". So I filled out the form, and then the message was "thank you. Please allow 10-15 business days for us to respond".

This is beyond frustrating. It's stressful not knowing, and we can't just hang around and wait for a few weeks. Dan has to get back to work soon. Worse comes to worst, we change ownership of the truck to Dan and he drives down by himself with the kitty while I fly when my visa comes, but that is a lot more expense than we want to put out, and not nearly as much fun. This is so irritating. There is no way of knowing when they will send out my visa because there is no person on the end of a telephone to ask.

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