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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

personhood in the USA: a funny story

I entered the United States on February 4th, 2013. Our good friend, Agent W-- said I should have my green card within two weeks.

Somewhere along the way we read/were told conflicting information about when we could apply for my Social Security card. As in we can apply before I get my visa. Or by entering the US and launching my green card, one will be issued automatically. Or that I need to apply for that separately.

Last week I received notices in the mail basically saying that my green card was on the way and here is the tracking number. Great. It's on its way. Knowing this, we made our third attempt today to go to the Social Security office to go sign me up for my card. I say third attempt because we went at 4:00 one day, not knowing they close at 3:30, and then on Monday it was closed for President's Day. Today we were lucky to get in at 11:18 as they close at noon on Wednesdays. (I want that job!).

Talked to the lovely agent, who was herself an immigrant from eastern Europe or Russia, I'm guessing. She said she could try to sign me up for a SoSec card but I really do have to wait until I have my green card. I gave her my passport/visa & driver's license.

Suddenly she was absolutely perplexed. There was a memo saying my SoSec card was issued on February 7th, 2013, and I should have it within two weeks.


To verify, she asked me half a dozen security questions, mother's maiden name, etc. and was still puzzled at this development. She went away, maybe to do some looking up or something, then came back and confirmed that yes, it's on its way and if it doesn't get to me by the end of the week to come back to this office and file for a replacement. Then she wrote down my SoSec number.

I have a number! I am a person in this country!

Then we checked the mail and there was my green card. So that's good!

The first thing I did? Apply for a job as ASSISTANT PROFESSOR. I don't expect to be short-listed - they want a PhD and I just have a measly Master's, not to mention no academic teaching experience, but I thought I would try anyway. You never know, right?

All I need to do now is get my North Carolina Driver's License and then I'm in. That will increase my employment chances too, as a number of the positions I am looking at call for a NCDL.

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