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Sunday, February 3, 2013

a courier that doesn't work weekends

Hahaha turns out Loomis doesn't work weekends. So on Friday night I darn near squeed with excitement at the fact that they finally were in possession of my passport/visa around midnight, local time. Earlier in the day the person I spoke to on the phone said it's pretty much overnight. What he neglected to tell me was that they don't work weekends.

Thanks, assholes.

Well, we spent most of yesterday packing up the truck which mostly took my mind off the fact that my visa still had not arrived.

We had about 20 cardboard boxes of books which Dan carefully individually wrapped with Saran Wrap, and they went under the platform where the kitty box is.

We don't know what kind of weather we'll be encountering, but we are sure to be driving through snow and rain at some point, so we need to keep things dry. So the big plastic lock box will contain blankets, Sam's litter box, and her food and water. We call it the kitty condo. This serves a number of purposes. It is the only place where the litter box can go. It gives Sam a place to hide, or for us to put her while we are fussing with the cab of the truck. She will come and go through a hole cut in the box, through the sliding glass window in the back of the cab.

Not a great photo with all the reflection, but hopefully you can see where we would slide the window open and the kitty can go in. It will be much more comfy when the blankets are in.

I can be a bit spastic and controlling at times, particularly just before a big move like this, which ends up just paralyzing me. Luckily Dan is here to take the reins and direct me, and I am good at just carrying boxes, especially if they are heavy. Moving is stressful, and I have been receiving tons of phone calls and messages asking "what's happening?" - and fair enough - but it is really just adding to the stress. I have to relax a bit and let events simply happen, since I have no control over when I will get my visa, when we can actually leave. I haven't been sleeping, which at first was due to adjusting to sleeping with someone who snores, but even that fades and I'm just awake awake awake for hours in the early morning, thinking and wondering why the hell this is all taking so long. I'm having a hard time relaxing and it is definitely wearing on me.

So we have another day in Victoria. And it's practically half gone already. Dan is working on the final structure for the truck, which entails plywood and tarp and bungees to secure and rainproof our things. Almost everything is packed, except for the things we'll need for a week of driving. I have time to do another load of laundry. Maybe we'll watch a movie this afternoon - there is no shortage of entertainment in this house.

I'm looking forward to being able to relax, which will hopefully be just after we cross the border tomorrow (please let it be tomorrow). If we do get there, we should be in Missoula by midnight, if the winds are with us.

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  1. Holding my breath, keeping all my fingers and toes crossed for you! The kitteh set up looks awesome, very creative!