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Thursday, March 28, 2013

this week's adventures

Funny story. Last week I needed some potting soil, so I walked down to the hardware store, five blocks away, and bought a few needed items (trowel, gardening gloves, hammer, etc). On the way out I had the guy just put the 40 pound bag of potting soil on my shoulder and I walked home like that. This, I later learned, drew some attention, as everyone in the store stopped to watch me. The customer paying said "I want to marry that gal!"

That and my accent led the staff to think that I was probably Dan's wife, so when he went in a few days later, they gave him an application form if I'm still looking for work...

In other news, I turned 39 last Saturday. The ladies I was working with were talking about some of their former coworkers and one mentioned that so-and-so and so-and-so both had a birthday that day. I said, in my small voice, "It's my birthday too" to which they were so surprised, I was actually amazed at their strong reaction. I should have known... 

 See because a few hours later, one of the gals had disappeared entirely (and I was busy so I didn't really notice) and then all the warehouse guys came gathered around the office and all the salespeople came and next thing I know they are singing me a Happy Birthday.

 Yup, They totally had me.

Birthday presents from Dan:

 Tools to rip out staples, nails and molding!
 A picnic table for our kitchen!


A table saw! Oh wait. That's not for me. But let me tell you, it is way lighter than the picnic table. 

 We went to the tap room in the evening of my birthday, partly to offload some of the leftover cake that I was "forced" to take home with me. One of the locals who hangs out at the tap room, Cantu, had made a huge vat of chicken and dumpling stew, so he brought it by. It was great!

This photo was taken yesterday, my growing collection of seedlings and starts. I'm kind of obsessed about the whole thing and am looking forward to having raised beds soon because goodness, I am going to have a lot of plants. This is about 2/3 of my total collection now. 

 My sister and her family went to go visit her in-laws who were holidaying in Arizona. Each of the kids sent me a postcard, and my niece, 8, drew me a St. Patrick's Day card. On the back she writes "How come you move so much? Why don't you stay in one place? You should have stayed in Ucluelet. I hope where your living now is as cool as Ucluelet." Ah, kids.

 Bread! This is a Pain de Campagne from my favorite book. I brought one of these to my friends at the brewery and it went over very well, not to mention quickly.

 The first coat of the darkest color - I have since put on another coat. It's looking good! I think once this is done we'll focus on the living room, since we spend a lot of time there.

Finished product of the bread. It doesn't really look like how the book has it, so I must not have read the instructions right because mine is more of a zigzag than "sheaves of wheat". Oh well. It's meant to be a pull-apart bread and it works just fine for that!

So on Monday at my job I was told not to come in Tuesday or Thursday (because it wasn't busy enough to have me there) and to call on Friday to see if I was needed on Saturday. Well, I can't have a job where the hours are unreliable, so I'm considering other options right now. I have a couple of irons in the fire and I'll keep you posted as to what transpires.

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