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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

a weekend trip to the Atlantic Ocean!

An aquarium, a beach, and lots of great wildlife.

 Dan saw the fish swim near and the claws come out of this hermit crab, trap it, and start to feed. We watched it a good ten minutes as other people came by. One woman remarked it was a "hateful thing" and I thought what do you think animals in nature do?. Good grief. Another person wanted to alert the aquarium staff that there was a menace in this pond.

 Not sure what was going on here. Was glad I wasn't one of the religious types that might have had to explain to their children what these turtles were doing. Next to a display discussing turtle evolution, Dan heard a mother tell her children "Now remember, evolution didn't happen, God made everything."

 We checked in later with our friend Hermit the Crab and he was making quite a meal of Mr. Fish.

 Sea horses!

Horseshoe crab! I was hoping to get a look at the underbelly, because it sure looks like these guys don't have any faces. Imagine spending your whole life looking for food like a Roomba looks for dust.

 Metal marine art sculpture. We were inspired.

 Here we just couldn't help ourselves.

 I love jellyfish.

There were four or five different sharks in this tank, and of course Dan knows them all. I don't know how to tell them apart, as there were no dogfish, but I could identify a nurse shark (below).

 Green Moray eel!

Our day to the coast happened just a few days after my youngest niece sent me a second letter asking why I move around so much, how about if I just stay in one place, I should have stayed in Ucluelet and she hopes that were I live now is as cool as Ucluelet. WELL I can now confidently tell her that yes, where I live now is even cooler. The aquarium she saw when came to visit is in that tiny fishing village was no bigger than a 10x20 foot container/trailer, whereas this aquarium is an actual building with washrooms! It was a great and fun day for us and we are looking forward to seeing all of North Carolina's aquariums.

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