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Monday, February 10, 2014

Grad School Interview day

I don't want to disclose too much detail about how epic and wonderful my day at the Biomedical Informatics department was last week, so forgive me for being a bit vague.

In sum:

I was interviewed by three professors, all of whom I had met before and who have heard my story. I have been attending every one of the research seminars the department puts on every week so my name and face have been getting out there.

Having paid my own way to go to the AMIA Symposium last fall was a big feather in my cap.

My research with the BC Cancer Agency and Victoria Hospice was impressive.

They are excited about my skill set.

I can write well.

"I think you will do well in the program" one prof said.

"I have a job for you" said another.

And I can't make big declarative statements like "of course I'll be accepted" but it sure sounds like it. And if I do, it will be doing the non-thesis Master's (which means more course work but it is largely stuff I have done before) and then after a year, with support, I can transition into the doctoral program.

If I can get my US citizenship by then, I will be eligible for NLM funding which is very nice.

So, at this moment I am expecting I will be starting grad school in the fall. If the stars are aligned, in five to seven years I'll be the first Slager in my family with a PhD.

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