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Monday, March 3, 2014

Gardening in Salt Lake City: the waning of winter

I realize it's been some time since I posted. Part of that is not having our own Internet connection, which will hopefully be remedied today. Until that happens, I have to park myself in a corner of our bedroom to catch our neighbor's wifi signal (thank you, whoever you are, for having an open network).

I am going to make an effort to blog more regularly as things are about to get really busy for me and I will have lots to share. Monday will be my day to update about gardening. My gardening status at home is that I am allotted half of a four-by-four square foot plot, but I need to check with the other people on our sidewalk and see if they planning to use their raised bed. We also have a weird space in the back, which I will blog about later, as we have plans for a portable growing system back there.

 This is the view out our front door, taken not long after we moved in (I may have even posted this already). It has been unseasonably warm here so the snow and ice have long since melted. If you go past the building on the right, in the back yard is where the raised beds are. Again, I will post photos of that at a later date.

  I have started a bunch of seeds in peat pucks and have them growing in my office. We are in a duplex on the north side, so we have windows facing west (as above), north, and east. There are trees in front of both the east and west windows that will leaf out in the spring, which will probably be a good thing since we are in the high desert and I'm told it will get to 100 degrees Fahrenheit here. But for now the windows that get the morning and afternoon sun are kept company by my house plants in the west and my seedlings in the east.

 I started volunteering for Wasatch Community Gardens back in January, an arrangement I had made before we moved here. I am the Urban Farming Apprentice for a three-month duration, and I will be posting here too about the things I am responsible for. I can't wait to show you guys about the compost rehabilitation, and the herb spiral, and the native plant bed. For now, we have been planting some seeds every week for the past few weeks in the greenhouse at the Grateful Tomato Garden not far from my house. I am on the watering schedule so I go by every Wednesday and weekend to make sure the wee seedlings aren't drying out. Most of this is for the youth program, where kids will come learn how to do grow organic vegetables and fruit and see how fun it can be. Meanwhile, I have also been allowed to plant some of my own stuff here, and I think I have planted every herb seed I have both for the herb spiral at the Garden but also for culinary use here at home. I am excited.

 This was a particularly warm day in the greenhouse. The fellow I am working with, Bill, is the one who interviewed me. Bill is great. He is super stoked to have me and my skill set and he is one of the best managers I have ever had. He is sort of like a boss, but I'm a volunteer, so I don't really know what else to call him. At any rate, he is a great guy. Everyone at the WCG office is, actually, and that goes for their newest employee, Emma, also in the photo. She is a Youth Educator and I will be working with her on a couple of projects.

This is what the greenhouse looks like from the street view. I can't wait to see what this space looks like when it's in full bloom and fruit!

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