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Friday, October 16, 2015

September 2014 part 1

I don't mean to brag but this is now two Fridays in a row that I am remembering to blog.

I have a list of topics to blog about and one of them just said "September 2014" so I went back to my photos from that time. Then, on seeing just how many photos I had and remembering that a lot happened, I decided to break it up.

The beginning of September last year marked the ending of Dan's employment with the job we moved here for, and he had two weeks before starting the next job. It was a good thing because we were laden with bounty from the garden and the tree fruit harvests I had been doing.

Dan was busy interviewing that time (more than three dozen interviews in two weeks) but when he wasn't doing that, he was seriously dehydrating all the things, especially tomatoes.

I did a fair amount of canning, and 2014 was a very good year for stone fruit in Salt Lake City. I have a point of comparison now because 2015 was quite poor, relatively. We had early warm and then frost and then a month of rain after a mild winter so the bugs didn't die off. At any rate, I did a lot of preserving last year that we either ate or gave away.

So meticulous was Dan with the drying of the tomatoes that he kept them separate. We still (more than a year later) have a lot left and I think it will last us until the 2016 tomato harvest.

Sugar plums!

This was the trellis that we built mostly for support. I strung up the tomatoes rather than have cages, because I had about 30 plants. I fed them once a month for four months, gave them regular hair cuts and they just kept on producing.

Oddly, I never grew any squash. Yet squash kept coming our way. It's so useful to have friends who grow stuff!

This was the biggest harvest I attended last year with Green Urban Lunch Box.

We did our best to keep up.

I haven't had the time to keep up with food preservation this year, so it's just as well that we didn't have nearly the bounty we did in 2014. It's a lot of work but very gratifying! I love looking at the jars and bags of preserves, and I love eating food we put up during the cold winter months. I hope next year is a better year for tree fruit and growing generally.

Dan's new job at eSpokes started conveniently in mid-September when the canning and drying tapered off. I was three weeks into grad school at that point so we got to be too busy for food preservation! 

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