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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

now what? Korean Consulate

I didn't especially enjoy my time in Korea. I started counting down the days long before it was 100 days until I left. The city was polluted, my boss was tyrannical, I worked six days a week, I hated my job, I didn't get along with most of my coworkers which also formed my only possible social group. So by the time I left I couldn't wait to get the f*** out of the place.

It will never go away.

So I phoned the Korean Consulate this morning to find out how to get my Police Certificate. The fellow told me it was on the website (which was not in an obvious place, so it was good that I called). I tried downloading the form but the file did not have the extension indicating what kind of file it was so my computer didn't know how to open it. After some finagling, I made it open in Word (yes, Word), and had to do a bit of reformatting with margins to get it so I could print it on one page.

Why was this not in .pdf form, you ask? I don't think they have heard of it. Give them another ten years, they might discover it then. (Apologies for biting cynicism, I'm sure you can understand my frustration).

So, this form that came from the place on the website that was distinctly for people who are not living in Korea now has a space on it

"Present address, in Korea"

as well as "Recent Employment" and "Last School Attended".

What? It was TEN YEARS AGO that I lived there. The Korean government has no idea that I worked at the Tofino Hospital or that I got an MSc at UVic.

Sooooooo I'll fill this out to the best of my ability. I'll go and pay a Notary Public $30 to have this document notarized tomorrow. I will also have to find a way to have a photo of me taken and printed so that it is exactly 3x4cm for the Korean Consulate. These are not standard sized passport photos for US or Canada, so looks like it will be the Skipper taking a photo, making it the right size, and then I go off to a pharmacy or something to print tomorrow. I'm sure you envy this awesomeness.

I'll also head to the West Shore RCMP to get fingerprinted for my Police Certificate for Canada.

Yup, getting it done.

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