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Friday, June 22, 2012

a trip to the vet

I must say, it's been a rather stressful, intense, and exhausting week.

First there is all this immigration stuff which I have already told you about.

On Tuesday night, Sam got out. I normally keep her inside at night so she doesn't fight with other kitties or get carried away by a hungry owl. It was around 12:30am that I heard the yowling that is usually just Sam intimidating other kitties from her turf. This cat wasn't having any of it. There was scuffling. More scuffling. I got up, went outside, because sometimes my flashlight is all that it takes to shoo the other kitty away, but not this time. There was no way I would be able to extricate Sam from this mess, so I declared she would spend the night outside and went back in to bed.

Then, at 3:30am, she was clawing at the screen over the window where my room is. I got up to let her in, and she came straight to bed.

It wasn't until about 6:30pm the following day that she took any food or water. She was moving around painfully slow and I was getting really worried about her. I saw she had some small injuries to her rear right paw but it wasn't bleeding (blood was dry). Thought I'd just wait and see.

By Thursday morning, the area around the punctures had started to swell and I knew I had to take her to the vet. She's been to the vet more times in the last year than she has since her first year of life! (She's ten now, for the record). We went to the Cobble Hill Veterinary Hospital and they were great. The vet got the clippers out and gently shaved off the fur around her three punctures to clean up the area. Sam did not enjoy this, but she was a good kitty for the most part. The punctures were deep but not big enough to stitch. A bit of alcohol on the wound (Sam HATED that), an anti inflammatory injection, and some antibiotics for me to give her and we were on our way. I also got some eye drops for the goo she's been oozing for the last several months.

I am happy to report that Sam is doing very well. She is back to jumping again (she had taken to imbing up the couch, getting her claws stuck in the fabric), rolling around, and her cute gentle chomping on my hand.

One other thing - upon the advice I received from the vet in Camrose last summer, I have switched Sam's crunchy food to dental formula. The vet we saw yesterday said it was working, so that's great! Sam loves it, so we are all happy.

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