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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

December 25: the second day of our road trip across the country

Apologies for not bringing this out sooner. Photos!

 Breakfast at McDonald's on Christmas day, because that's what was open. We were still in Georgia. Or Alabama? I can't even remember now.

 We went a bit out of our way to pop into Florida, mostly because I had never been there. We gave Pensacola a miss, ho hum.

 And we were soon back in Alabama anyway.

 Mississippi didn't take long. An hour?

 The photos might be out of order here but this is where we had lunch, in Alabama. Great themed restaurant, excellent food, MASSIVE burgers. I bought postcards here too.
 A wall-table. Up at the bar they had several different seats - a horse saddle, a pilot chair, motorcycle seat, theater seat, etc.

 Sam in the footwell of my side. She preferred to be down there during the day, for some reason.

 Maybe this is Mississippi. Goodness, this part of the country is so flat and marshy, it's hard to keep them all straight!

 We did not stop to see what Woolmarket was but I assure you I was curious.
 Here we switched the map from the Southeastern States to the Southwestern States.

 Any time we stopped for gas, Sam jumped into Dan's spot.

 We spent the night of Christmas in Baton Rouge. That is a horrible place to find food in a restaurant on Christmas day. We weren't going to wait half an hour at IHOP, but it soon became clear that very little else was open. The Burger King was open but they were only doing drive-through service. We found a Jack-in-the-Box, but they were slammed with customers and getting every single order wrong. From the time we walked in to the time we got our meal, 40 minutes had passed. Dan figures the guy who took our order couldn't actually read.

  Baton Rouge did sort of redeem itself the next morning with the coffee shop we found. Great muffins, good juice, excellent coffee and great service!

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