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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! A snapshot of our journey to Utah

As my readers will know, Dan and I have moved to Utah. The move was for family reasons, but it turns out there is a lot of opportunity for both of us here. I was live tweeting our six day drive across the country and took a bazillion photos, so I wanted to post a few here.

We had planned to leave on December 23rd, a Monday. We weren't really ready until late in the day, and then the weather turned poor and it was raining buckets. Visibility was poor, the roads were flooded, and it would have been unwise to start our trip on such a soggy note. We pulled out on the morning of the 24th, Christmas eve.

While Dan was doing the final loading and hooking the trailer to the truck, a German shepard cross pup came along and decided Dan was his human. It was quite a conundrum for us - we wouldn't normally consider owning a dog (especially given how Sam hates other animals) and of course we were just about to leave for a 3,500 mile trip. He was so charming, this pup, that I think if we hadn't been preparing to move then we might have adopted him. As luck would have it, our next door neighbors (who work at the brewery) offered to look after the pup. They already have a dog, and the two got on well immediately. A few days later they decided to keep him, as he had tapeworms, was dirty and a bit underfed, so they knew they would take better of Paco better than his previous owners.

There was quite a bit of last minute stuff that needed to be attended to before pulling out of town. The trailer was quite heavily loaded so we needed to secure the hitch. The tires needed to be inflated, the truck fueled up. We finally pulled out of Kinston around 10:30am on Christmas eve.

My friend Irene in Connecticut crocheted Mr. Cupcake for me just before our big journey from Victoria to North Carolina earlier this year. Turns out he was to make another cross-country trek! Here he is saying goodbye to our neighborhood.

 Sam liked to be in the driver's side foot well, which of course is an inconvenient place.

 We visited this very same Flying J when we went to South Carolina/Asheville NC in October.

I can't be the only person confused by this. "Open" and yet bars. 

 The bars made it difficult to pull my coffee out without spilling.

 Regular gas, $2.99/gal.

 Hey, Georgia.

We stayed the night in Newnan, Georgia, at probably the dirtiest Motel 6 I have ever stayed at. Sam is pretty good in motel rooms, and we just needed sleep, so we made due.

Stay tuned tomorrow to find out how traveling in the deep south on Christmas day went!

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