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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

December 26: The Day we entered Texas

You don't realize how big Texas is until you have to drive across it.

 Driving through Houston was kind of insane.

 Lots of flat. We were in the flat part of Texas.  Apparently that's funny.
 The tiniest acorns I have ever seen!

 At this rest stop, Dan could not believe how big and tall these RVs were.

 Oh no! We had a tire blow out on the trailer on a stretch of highway that was mercifully not very busy. It was 13 miles west of Ozona, TX.
 The view from where the blowout was.
 This is what happens when you put more than the recommended weight and drive faster than, say, 60mph, as the friction heats these babies up. Both tires were steaming when we stopped.
 We had no choice but to unhook the trailer and drive back to Ozona and find a tire shop. Thank the heavens it was the day after Christmas, we had no trouble finding one.


We spend that night in Kerrville, Texas, where we had amazing Mexican food for dinner. Probably the best beef tacos we have ever had. There was an entire avodado in my salad!

With the blowout, the trip became very tiresome (no pun intended), and Dan decided he would at some point pick up another extra tire for when the other one was about to go. At every gas station and rest stop, the bulge got a bit bigger.

To be continued...

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  1. I totally get the Texas phenomenon. I couldn't believe how many hours it took to get across that damned state!