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Saturday, September 4, 2010

A pile of knitting

Holy cow do I and did I ever have a lot of projects on the needles. Finally getting around to taking some photos and posting them here.

Featured here are two dishcloths knit from one skein of mercerized cotton. I'll be teaching a kids' knitting class later this month and our first project will be a dishcloth. One is for the sample in the shop, the other is going to be tested by us here at home. It's pink! As you will see, I'm on a bit of a pink kick lately...

The second baby blanket for Sybil's twins, due sometime in the next month. This will hopefully be the last baby blanket I ever knit. So. Bored. I do like the look of it though. Bernat handcrafter cotton.

Again, preparation for a class I'll be teaching this month, this is the Stranded Hat pattern from my Color Techniques book. I changed it a bit since I didn't have enough yarn for the main colour, but I think the effect will be nice when it's done.

The brim is to be folded up against the rest of the hat.

This is the first of two Brother Amos Hellfire Lace socks, a pattern from Cast-On's Brenda Dayne. Knit with Malabrigo sock yarn...

Okay this first one is part one of a set of four. A woman I work with in the fish job has asked me to knit her four pink hats: two for her daughter, two for herself.

I may well embellish these with butterflies, since that is what they like.

Was pleased with the way the top shaping turned out. Out of 100 stitches, I SSK at the beginning and K2tog at the ends of each of four needles. I did this every other row.

On the alternate rows, I did the same decreases in the middle of these rows.

This is the Brattleboro Hat from Interweave Knits Fall 2010. I saw the pattern and thought "If only I had some Malabrigo worsted!" since that is what the pattern called for. I looked through my stash for a suitable substitute and voila! Yarn I didn't even know I had. I bought this last year at the Yarn Garden in Portland, Oregon.

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