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Saturday, September 25, 2010

staying put - for now

Well they decided to give the job to the other guy. No Montana for us. Alas!

Turns out Santa Fe had restarted their hiring process when the first guy they hired didn't work out. I misunderstood then, that it just meant that Dan was once again shortlisted rather than had a firm offer.

A strange thing has happened though, in that we have shifted our mindset. Remember that Pause I mentioned the other day? I have lots of stories to relay about the funeral and the family drama around it. But I got back and now Dan's saying things like "If we're going to spend the winter here then... " since it now seems like we'll be spending the winter here. And what will that mean? We'll both have to take on more part time jobs. Technically he has two and I have four (but three of them are knitting related so I count them as one). If we both get another job, we can survive the winter. We've had another possible opportunity present itself that would have us remain on Vancouver Island for another year or so, but it's only a big Maybe so I'm not going to mention it here.

The good thing about staying here, for me, is that my yarn/knitting/crochet career gets to advance quickly. Ellie just asked me today if I would like to now work two days a week here instead of one. Yes! She's putting together a knitting retreat in the spring and she would really like my help for it. I'll be designing some projects and we'll put kits together, we'll do some more project classes. My knowledge of the industry is galloping along in leaps and bounds (to mix metaphors, ha). Ellie has also asked me to knit swatches with every major yarn that she sells. I tell ya, this getting paid to knit thing is really working out for me.

Our first winter storm has happened (which means no fishing; which means no boats of offload) and we are getting a taste of what our winter will look like. Wet and windy, obviously, but now that we have a new-to-us futon (story later) for more seating in our large living room, we can have all kinds of friends over to hang out while we make cookies, assemble a smoker (to smoke fish with, which Dan and I referring to as a 'fumarole' since 'smoker' seems somewhat offensive to us), knit and crochet.

I was talking with the friends that were over last night about work in this area. I was saying that there are jobs here that, in Victoria, I would have looked down my nose at taking, but here seems like an interesting possibility. I think I will apply at the Gallery. Why not? Even if I don't know much about art, I might now more than anyone else who might apply. And I'm all about learning new things.

Then these same friends and I went rollerskating at one of the community halls. I haven't been on roller skates for at least 20 years. It was fun! I didn't fall! There were about 80 people there, lots of kids and mums. Once I got the hang of standing up and rolling, turning, and stopping, I had to make sure I didn't run over the kids. I sweated profusely for an hour and had way more fun than I thought I would. I've written down the date of the next Rollerskate night in my calendar. :-)

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