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Sunday, September 19, 2010

too busy to blog

Hi Friends,

As you know (I think?) I've been working at the yarn shop this week. The hours are mostly 11-7, and I have to drive 35 minutes to Tofino. On two of these days, I taught some girls in their home before opening the shop, and on the same days I taught classes at the yarn shop, making for some very looooong days. I come home, Dan has either left for work or about to leave for work, and has been working nights (last night was seven in a row for him). I get up and leave for Tofino, he's still sleeping.

Today is day six of six for me at the yarn shop. I have to say it's been a lot of fun! Since I have started running the shop while Ellie is away, my knowledge/experience level has grown tremendously and I have an entirely new perspective on yarn shops. As we (me and Dan) are investigating other places to live, I am looking at what the LYSs offer in terms of yarn, needles, classes, etc. If the yarn shop I want isn't in the town where we end up moving, I am now more informed in case I want to open up my own one day.

The other day Carol, who comes to knit night, brought in her spinning wheel. She had lent me her drop spindle in the summer to see if I was interested in spinning. Nah, not so much. But the spinning wheel, WOW, I took to that way more quickly. I want one now. Not now, actually, but when we move and get resettled, I will start doing my homework. I know it is a big investment (but not so big as a loom or knitting machine, things I also want!) so I will have to think carefully and test drive as many as I can. But yes, I think I might just go the way of handspun. For some of my crafting, at least.

So my uncle passed away on Thursday morning, the funeral is this coming Wednesday. I'll be flying out of Victoria on Wednesday morning, attending the funeral, staying the night in a hostel downtown, and flying back the next day. See, I haven't seen most of these people in a very long time and there's a whole bunch of family politics that might just come up. I want to be absent for the drama, since none of it involves me. I will not take sides, and I would only feel resentment towards these people who are kicking up drama when we are supposed to be gathered for a sad reason. Yes, I can take my knitting on the plane!

Dan and I have some interesting options before us. He's been shortlisted from 42 applicants to 6 for the job in Helena, Montana. Santa Fe has given him a firm offer. He's been shortlisted for New Hampshire and there is also a job in Maine for a wooden boat related job. Now that would be cool.

I'm getting really tired of this house. Sure it's big and has lots of natural light. But all the walls are dark, making it cave-like. The kitchen is all painted dark grey. I could make a long list of complaints, but I don't really want to be too much of a downer but suffice it to say I have outgrown this house.

Righty ho, I have to get ready for my day at the yarn shop!

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  1. Thanks for the detailed update in the middle of your long and eventful days. Have a safe trip, and I look forward to catching up when you get back. Good luck avoiding the family drama (!) and good luck to Dan with all the job offers!