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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

making a curry

Sorry, I don't have any photos to post here. I completely forgot to take pictures of the fruits of my labours yesterday!

I knew Dan wouldn't be back until well past dinnertime yesterday, so I would be forced to cook dinner for myself.

Such hardship!

The day before, I got out the curry cookbook we received as a wedding gift and looked up recipes with chicken and recipes with vegetables. Surprisingly, there weren't that many of either. Lots with lamb and rabbit, neither of which I eat, but a mere smattering of things I do.

I made a chicken korma first. If I was more motivated, I'd look up what a korma is and then tell you. But here's what I remember it being: whole spices crushed with mortar & pestle, fried in oil, onions fried in that same oil, then some chicken cubes, ground cashews and some other stuff. It was good but I think some of our spices were on the stale side. Or I didn't add enough. I will make it again though.

The second curry was a vegetable curry with coconut milk. It's hard to go wrong with coconut milk ready, especially when you have a generous portion of garlic and ginger. I *love* garlic and ginger, especially raw. It was good too but ditto on the spices.

I like cooking. I'm even pretty good at it. But in order for me to feel like cooking, I have to have the house to myself, as in yesterday. Why? I don't know. Maybe I feel self-conscious when The Chef is home. But he likes my cooking too so that can't be it.

I do have complaints about our kitchen. The countertop looks ill-laid black linoleum. It has a lip all the way around that you can't just wipe stuff off - the black caulking means it's a real bitch to clean, so I get irritated. The cupboards are all painted a dark grey (why? why on earth would anyone living in this climate where we get rain six months a year decorate their kitchen with such dark colours?) and the floor is dark. Every spec of flour or vegetable shows up on the floor and it never looks clean, except for the five minutes after it's been swept and mopped. O well. We have a lot of counter space and a dishwasher, so it's not all bad.

I really like curries and I don't know why we don't eat them more. Today is Pancake Tuesday (or Shrove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras), which means, for those who observe, tomorrow is the beginning of the holy Lenten fast. Forty days of abstaining from sumptuous pleasures, ramping up for the pig-out festival of Easter. I don't observe Lent, but I might try to eat more lentils in the next six weeks. :-)

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