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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Our weekend in Powell River in Pictures

 At the ferry terminal.

 Mildest climate in Canada! 2000 hours of sunshine! I'm in.

 I found it really interesting that the seashore on the west side of Vancouver Island smells very different from the east side. The east side is where I have spent most of my time on this Island, so being away from it this last year I hadn't realized that it is quite a different smell.
 I finished a sock on the ferry!

 Some Random Road.
 Sorry about the shadow of my arm across my plate. What you don't see here is the empty martini glass. One drink knocked me over and it was yummy! So this was pork medallions with currants in a balsamic reduction over rice, served with vegetables, with an overall Indonesian flavor. This was the Tree Frog Bistro. We'll definitely go back!
 We stayed in the suite that once belonged to the bank manager in the old Bank of Montreal Building. It must have been built in the 1930s with some of the original fixtures. I love these floors. It was a sunny morning, which doesn't always make for good photos.

 (Faux) old meets new.

 The view from the kitchen window.
 Blackberry Port '04, yo!

 This is where we slept. There was no heat in this suite, so we were glad we happened to bring two wool blankets and pillows with us. If we had known there was no heat, we would have brought the electric blanket!
 The suite takes up the entire top floor of this building.
 My Old Country breakfast at Starvin' Marvin's, a hole in the wall and seemingly the only breakfast place in town. It was delicious.
 Um... I could point this place out on a map but it has some unpronouncable name. We were just off exploring and found the best kept marina around.
 Best kept marina with extra-wide docks.

 O look! It's me.
 We were invited to this show but couldn't manage to stay awake long enough. (We are early risers, after all). It was an erotic art show. The band that played was Gods Balls. A full house with 300 people, it was quite the party we were told.
 Log jam.

I'm surprised I didn't take more photos, it seems like we packed an awful lot into that 36 hours. Lots of it was driving. Anyway, this here is 43 photos and that is really a lot!

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