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Sunday, March 13, 2011

power outage, nuclear fallout

We're having quite a blowsy storm just now with rain coming at us from a 45 degree angle. This is what we refer to as "sideways rain", but really, it's the only kind of rain we get around here.

The power went out in Tofino around 11:30am, and BC Hyrdo says it should be back on by 1:30pm. Tofino often experiences power outages whereas Ucluelet doesn't. There are probably some good reasons for this, but my guess is that Ucluelet has better-reinforced power lines; those power lines don't have as far to go; there are fewer obstacles (trees that get blown over in winds like this) in the way of the power lines. The power goes out in Ucluelet once for every ten times it goes out in Tofino. So when it goes out in Ucluelet, you know that either it's a really big storm or some drunk driver smashed into a power pole. Hey, that really happened. Last fall. 9:30am on a weekday morning. Alcohol abuse is rampant around here.

I don't think our weather today is related to the earthquake or tsunami, since we get this kind of weather all winter long. This is why we buy rain gear: waterproof jackets, pants, and boots.

In other news, I guess there was some concern about the two nulcear reactors that were damaged and leaking in Japan, concerns that the fallout from those leaks would make their way across the Pacific Ocean and land on us here on the west coast. The CBC just released a story to reassure us that we are not at risk of nuclear fallout. This is good! Our friends in Japan, however, well the same is not true for them.

I lived in Japan in 2003-4, Dan lived there 2004-6. We both know people there. I have pretty much lost touch will all I knew there (most of them were North Americans who may have returned anyway), but Dan knows quite a few people who are still there. And some are missing. Some are not responding to emails. One is never prepared to deal with this sort of thing.

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