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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dan in Tennessee

He just crossed the Mississippi River into Memphis, Tennessee a few minutes ago. It's 35 degrees Celsius, just after 10pm, and he is going to get himself a motel room for the first time on this trip.

Dan has been sleeping in the back of the truck, at rest stops this whole time, save for the one night at the parents' cabin in Datil, New Mexico. I guess he decided it's time go get a proper sleep and a shower (or more likely, a bath).

I think this means he will arrive in Kinston on Thursday. I can't quite get an accurate sense of how long it takes to get across a state, given that there were dust storms in New Mexico that halted him entirely, and hail storms with a twister in the north of Texas that propelled Dan to keep going. He put in 2200km yesterday, drove for 23 hours. He was too freaked out to stop.

I am really missing My Sweety. Knowing he was that near danger is concerning. I am relieved at every moment I hear from him, knowing that he is safe enough to send me a message. He left a week ago today and I will feel unsettled until he is installed in his new/temporary digs in the Brewer's Residence.

If I were the praying sort, I would pray to the heavens and the ancestors to please keep My Sweety safe. Please let me find a way to get there soon. Please let everything I have to do in the time between now and our reunion go smoothly.

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