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Saturday, May 28, 2011

fifth night without My Sweety

I was able to talk on the phone to Dan today.

We both have iPhones, and we have this app called WhatsApp that we use in lieu of text messaging, because it uses the Internet rather than the telephone line and is therefore free (well, subject to data usages, but it's negligible for us).  We can use it to send each other our location (a picture of a map appears) or photos or video, as well as text. We are both also on Twitter, and since others are also interested in Dan's progress (@han_zolo Dan's sister Zola, presently living in Germany; @djfractal Dan's brother Thor, presently living in Boston; @joshbrewer Dan's new boss & soon to be coworker at @MotherEarthBrewing; et. al.) he sometimes posts his waypoints on Twitter when he has a connection.

I can't say it's been easy, having him gone, because it hasn't. I thank the heavens though for such inventions as we have available to us to make contact like this possible. Our communications over the last few days have been a bit choppy, as Nevada and Utah and Arizona have wide stretches of road where there is no 3G service, but as Dan heads east into Connectivity Land, I expect we'll hear from him more frequently.

Dan has been driving the 1986 Nissan 720 pick up truck. It's a bit hard on the butt & back, the seats definitely need replacing. Dan bough a cushion a few days ago and his back is still not doing very well. Dan has been sleeping on a foamie in the back of the truck. There wasn't much head space when he first started out, and decided after having dreams of that scene from Kill Bill 2 that he needed to change the configuration of the bed. (That was meant to make you laugh, but if you haven't seen KB2, you'll have no idea what I'm talking about. Sorry, not going to explain).

Today I got to have a phone conversation with Dan. He is in Datil, New Mexico just now. That's where his mom & stepdad have a cabin and 30some acres of high desert just east of the Continental Divide. Dan & I went there on our honeymoon road trip in 2009, I would love to go back. John & Melinda are there right now so they'll get a visit in. That's good. I guess they also recently put in a land line, where previously they had no service at all. So I got to talk to Dan! It was so nice to hear his voice, and once he settles in in Kinston, North Carolina, I'm sure we'll be having Skype conversations several times a week. It makes the pain of our separation a little easier to bear.

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