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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Knits by the Sea One Year Birthday Party

I must tell you a story.

Way back in February or March, I had an idea that for the yarn shop's birthday, I could round up a bunch of knitters to knit squares and we'd stitch them together for a blanket that we could give to Ellie. Wheels turned, ball got rolling.  I sent messages to everyone on Ravelry who was in the Knits by the Sea group. I talked to everyone who was present at the Cookie A Sock Retreat. I approached all my knitterly friends. Lots of people were on board.

Somewhere along the way, Dan, my uber-talented can-do-anything husband, suggested that we stitch the squares to bits of fabric and quilt it. Then I had the idea of putting loops on the thing so that it could be strung through a dowel and hung up like a tapestry, say, for fiber festivals...

Squares started coming in. I had no idea how many to hope for but they came from as far away as Ontario, some across the Island, some from Tofino and Ucluelet. Erin, who is about to open Tofino's new quilting & sewing shop, provided the fabric and batting.  The rest of the story is pictured below:

 Oops - upside down!

This is actually navy, the lighting didn't work so well with my iPhone camera.
 Stack of squares early on.
 Faye helped with the arrangement.
 One of the steps in the assembly process.
 My Sweety at work doing the sewing!
 Almost there!

 Dan drew a legend of the quilt so Ellie would know where they all came from!
 He also did the wrapping.
 Ellie opening her gift.
Look at that smile!

She blogged about this too - and her photo is way better:

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in the making of this quilt. It was a really fun project

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