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Mr. Noodle
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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Alcohol Advent Calendar post Day 9

To review:

December 1st: red wine
December 2nd: bourbon
December 3rd: Scotch
December 4th: rum & egg nog
December 5th: port
December 6th: mead (the very mead that Dan and I made at our wedding)
December 7th:Carolan's Irish Creme
December 8th: Double Chocolate Stout
December 9th: sherry, followed by the emptying of the bottles of port (day 5) and mead (day 6)

This is going great and I'm having such a good time. I have so far managed to avoid a stinking hangover, but it's not like we drink our faces off every night. Sometimes it's just a sip. I think tonight we're having Caesars, which I understand is a uniquely Canadian drink. Bottoms up!

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