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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

overdue photos: Muppet cupcakes

O dear. This grand event, Zola's 25th birthday, happened more than a week ago and I have not yet posted the photos! Here:

 I can in no way take credit. I decorated some of the Mup-cakes, but it was entirely Zola's idea, and her sister S brought all the decorations as well as the cupcakes themselves.

 Cookie Monster
 Dr. Tooth
The Swedish Chef

We had a great time doing this! I highly recommend a theme cupcake-decorating party.


  1. And now I want cupcakes. And candy.

  2. Wow, they really look like the characters! Congrats, and I hope they were delicious!

  3. I could just die over how stinking cute these are!!! Janice cracks me right up! :D :D :D

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