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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

bits of stuff

1) I have a migraine. Today is day 2 of the same migraine. Before I lived in Asia, I used to have prescription medicine. That was a long time ago now, and for a while, ibuprofen was working. Not so much now. I can't just go to the clinic because a)I haven't signed up with them yet b)they are only open a few hours a week and c)migraine meds are expensive and I don't have any health insurance coverage. So I suffer.

2) I'm knitting a mobius for the first time. Ellie has a woman from Victoria coming to teach some workshops in a few weeks, one on how to knit a mobius. I figured it would be good for people to see what a mobius looks like so they can decide whether to sign up.

3) We've had some fantastic weather lately. As in warm and sunny. Unfortuantely, this is the worst possible weather for me - the sun hurts my eyes when I have a migraine.

4) I made lasagna yesterday out of ground buffalo meat and it was delicious. Yay for leftovers.

5) I'm going into Tofino this afternoon to teach a kids' knitting class, then staying to close up the shop. I think Dan will drive me, since I can't really see out of my right eye. O yes, I am positively delightful today. (That was sarcasm).

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