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Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday's mood, fishing adventures

I don't know why, but I have been awfully moody these days. Yesterday was a particularly bad day. I had terrible nightmares involving terrible things happening to loved ones, which meant I woke up several times the previous night, and was not at all well rested yesterday. The weather forecast told us rain for days on end, but the sun was shining when we woke up yesterday morning.

Dan said "let's go fishing!" and I just wanted to sleep. I had a mile-long list of things I wanted to get done at home (you know, vacuuming, laundry, windows, etc.) so we went fishing.

In the summer we discovered and then took friends to this place called Hilly & Billy's hidden hole. We can say that's the name of the place with confidence because there is a sign (note to self: take picture of sign). At first we thought it was a swimming hole. It was secluded, on a river, and had lots of great places for sunbathing.

The water was rather cold for swimming. We've done some lake swimming this summer so we were used to getting into fresh water with only a swimsuit. Apparently rivers are much colder. Who knew? I couldn't stay in the water more than five minutes before risking hypothermia, so got out and dried off/warmed up quickly in the sun.

Dan has been talking to the locals about freshwater fishing and has now been told that Hilly & Billy's Hidden Hole is for fishing, that this is the time that the Steelhead should be running. Off we went.

It's not so hidden, really. Heading out of town towards Port Alberni, turn right onto the Toquart Bay road. It's a logging road too, gravel, and after the rains has its fair share of washboard and potholes. I always remember now to wear a sports bra on adventures like these so the girls don't bounce around too much. :-) After the 6km mark, and about three bridges (or four?) there is a road that goes off to the right. There used to be a Coke can attached to a tree ( or was it Diet Coke?) but we didn't see it yesterday.

It's not far on this little road - only a few hundred metres. Park the truck, walk a few steps to the log bridge. The log is easily 4 feet in diameter and, as damp as it was, a little worrisome to cross. Dan didn't cross it, I did. All the trees I caught were on that side of the log. (Yes, you read that right. The fish weren't at all interested in my line but the trees were!)(I am so good at casting my line)(Fishing is dumb)

It was, to be fair, a nice sunny day. I had made peace with myself for not knitting yesterday, allowed myself to be in the moment. But after fixing my tangled line a few times and climbing onto precarious precipices to retrieve my hook and lure, I was purely frustrated. My low mood turned into a full on grump. I left my fishing rod and Power Bait on the log (Dan was fishing elsewhere) and went to the truck to play Pocket Frogs (iPhone game).

After about 20 minutes, Dan came a-calling and told me he had to go for a swim. Apparently he knocked the Power Bait and my fishing rod off the bridge into the river. Crap. That was my fault for leaving it there.

Luckily, my line was still attached to the tree that caused me the latest frustration. I grabbed the cord from the back of the truck that had a hook attached, and threw it towards the line/tree branch in hopes of pulling up my rod. It worked! The fishing rod was easy - the Power Bait we declared a write-off.

Dan keeps telling me I'm so patient. I'm really not. There is definitely a different kind of patience required for knitting than for fishing. I have all the time in the world for knitting. But spending three hours waiting for fish to be interested in your line? Who has that kind of time? How is it in any way relaxing? Stupid fish. And fishermen spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on gear to attract the right fish. I don't know. Maybe I'd feel differently if I actually caught something, if all these hours weren't wasted in vain trying to catch a fish I'm not even sure I'll like eating.

Because of all the climbing I did at the Hole, the pants I was wearing were rather on the damp side. I tried so hard to be in a better mood.

Got home, headed straight for the bath tub. I was pretty tired and expected I might doze off in the bath tub. It's never happened before, but it was still possible. Then my phone rang (I know, my own fault for having the phone in the bathroom with me) and I heard about more family drama. Sigh.

Done with the bath, I needed to get moving on the flan I promised to bake for the Thanksgiving dinner party we had been invited to. But my mood kept on sinking. Laying on the floor seemed very appealing, in fact, it was as though gravity had increased and I was meant to be laying on the floor. I despaired; am I getting depressed again? Dammit, we can't afford for me to need to be on antidepressants.

Dan came, scraped me up off the floor, deposited me into bed. He'll take care of the flan. The kitty came and napped with me.

Later, upon waking, the flan was ready and it was time to go. I wasn't feeling very sociable, to be honest, but there was turkey involved. It was a pretty low-key evening, which was just fine. I think the whole group of us were tired. Came home with the leftover flan (yes! Flan for breakfast!) and went to bed.

Last night was a much better night. I slept! No bad dreams! And even though it is pouring rain today, I am in much better spirits. The fire is roaring, the dishwasher is dishwashing, the laundry is well underway. After lunch I'll don rain gear and go for a walk. Come home, dry off in front of the fire and knit the afternoon away.

Tomorrow I'll go hunting for jobs again. Did I tell you? I've been laid off from the yarn shop, as of the end of October. It came as no surprise, since business has slowed right down. It's just as well, I think, because I think a change is in the air for us.

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