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Friday, October 8, 2010

Today in my life

Not quite the Day in The Life that Backyard Feast wanted, but it looks like Zola is dying for news. Here is today:

5:45am Dan's alarm goes off because he has a boat at 7:00am. I wake up too, of course

6:35am I hear Dan still downstairs. He should have left for work by now

7:10am Dan crawls back into bed. Boat has been delayed until 10:30, but he had to go into the plant to find this out. The storm has moved in (i.e. torrential rains and high winds) and probably the vessel was later than they expected.

8:00am My alarm goes off. I pick up my iPhone, play Tap Ranch, go downstairs to drink my glass of orange juice and make coffee

8:30am Turn on the computer & upload photo of drawing that Dan did for Eddie (who, by the way, is a long time family friend).

8:35am Kitty decides she needs to take a nap on my lap.

8:40am I rip out this stupid lace shawl (Simple Yet Effective Shawl) because I can't seem to get the number of the stitches in the rows right. My third time doing a shawl with this yarn.

8:50am Watch the crows out front foraging for food. See the rain going sideways. Hear the winds, the foghorn. Consider making a fire.

8:57am The present moment

Before about 10:15am I need to eat breakfast, get dressed, make lunch, and get ready for work. I might get a load of laundry in there, perhaps some ironing. It will take about 35 minutes to drive to Tofino, a bit more if I pick up any hitch hikers. I'll work at the yarn shop from 11:00-6:00. It's raining so it could be quite busy as people want something to do at their guest house or lodge while it's raining. When I'm not handling customers, I'll be knitting, obviously. Dan will probably leave for work before I will.

After closing at 6:00, it will be getting dark but I will probably make it home before it's fully dark. It's Friday, so the gals will be coming over for Ukee Stitch Night. Dan will likely get home before me and will probably clean up, get the house ready for guests. There will be two or more ladies coming over for knitting/crocheting, tea, snacks, and conversation. We'll sit by the fire.

I'm realizing that if I'm going to be living in this rainy climate, I really do need a proper rain jacket. I have a couple of rain ponchos and some pants I wear when I'm cycling in the rain, but none of those look very business like.

I dreamed last night that I had a back yard garden. I was digging up spaces to place my carrot starts when I found the ground teeming with happy earthworms. I wondered what food there was for them there, was glad. I sure miss having a garden. I don't seem to be very interested in container gardening and with all the bears/deer/raccoons around, there is almost no point to trying to grow anything. In a weird bit of irony, the sunflowers I have planted in the back and then ignored are now, finally, happily blooming. As the storm season hits us in October.

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  1. Thanks, Stace. I'm glad to know that your days have time for reflection and kitty love and knitting, and it's a great snapshot of your life's rhythms at the moment. Happy Thanksgiving!