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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I just want to be warm

Have I said this before?

Our house is heated by a wood stove. Earlier in the year, we had two cords of firewood delivered, which we dutifully stacked and then covered in the back yard.

We haven't had a proper chopping block, so when we did chop wood for kindling, it would be inside, just before one of us wanted to light the fire. And sometimes, if we were lazy, the fire wouldn't get lit. Or sometimes we would go through rather a lot of paper and cardboard to get those logs going.

When carrying in armfuls of splinter-causing firewood grew very tedious, Dan had this brilliant idea to use those oversized IKEA shopping bags for firewood. They are perfect! Just the right width and when full, are just the right weight to be characterized as 'exercise' when we haul it in.

On our way to Virgin Falls the other day, Dan spotted a few large round chunks of tree laying in the logging debris. He said "on the way back I want to pick that up and use it as a chopping block". So I marked it as a Waypoint on our GPS so we would know when we were approaching it on our way back. Those GPS functions sure are nice! It took all four of us to lift this thing into the back of our truck but we got it.

Now Dan can get his daily exercise by chopping kindling, and I will be warm. Win! Win!

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