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Monday, November 15, 2010

Virgin Falls

(This bit of pink ribbon says "Virgin Falls Trail" on it)

We found it!

Dan and I in our truck, our friends in their truck, we drove out west and then north in search of the fabled Virgin Falls. It's a place we wanted to get to in the summer but just never seemed to have the time. This time, with two vehicles, two Backroad Mapbooks, and a GPS, we wended our way.

It was pretty good for the first half of the way. Gravel roads, full of potholes after the rain, me hanging on to the handle. No, I didn't bring my knitting. I wanted to but I knew one hand would be hanging on for dear life.

(Usually when we drive these roads I put on a sports bra, knowing the girls would get all knocked around.

There were some pretty steep roads, some of them with evidence of water drainage in the middle of them (what with our rains and all), so we were glad we had our four wheel drive vehicles. We wouldn't have been able to make it up otherwise.

So according to the GPS and the map, we were close to the area where Virgin falls was supposed to be. Dan heard the falls. Then we crossed the bridge over the stream where we first saw the falls.

For some reason, we half expected for there to be a warren of hiking trails around the Falls. But nope! There was an almost four-minute trail from the road to the falls.

It was cold up there! And it was amazing how much wind the falling of the water generated. It's hard to tell in pictures just how big this waterfall is, but I will tell you it was about 200m. Maybe more? Again, hard to gauge.

Dan has made us all some fish tacos before leaving, so once we poked around the area and took our photos, we all dug into them. There was also some sweet chili sauce!

After some riotous conversation, although none of us wanted to leave, we realized we had to because it was getting late in the day and we didn't want to be driving logging roads in the dark.

It was kind of cold so I suggested that when we get back we have some hot chocolate. Burgle thought Bailey's Irish Cream would be a good addition. They headed straight for the liquor store and we got the fire going again. There was a cake to be baked, a duck to be smoked and then roasted.

Augh......the Ten Hour Duck. I think I'll save that for another time. Meanwhile, in case you think I am pregnant with pointy things in this photo, I'll have you know that I have binoculars and a water bottle in my jacket pockets!

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