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Monday, November 1, 2010

my very exciting day

Okay so you didn't like the slimy brown shark. I get that. Let me tell you about my day which was 0-so-interesting.

You could say it began at about 6am when Dan was coughing so hard he got up and went downstairs. At some point later, I fell back asleep. Woke up again when he came back to bed. Then for some reason my stupid alarm went off at 9am. For no reason. I guess it was time to get up.

Laced throughout my day was more iPhone gaming than I'd really like to admit to. They make them addictive and fun and free and gosh I just can't help myself (and am aware of that grammatically incorrect run on sentence. I blame it on the games.)

O no! We were out of orange juice. My entire daily routine was disrupted. I had start with coffee instead. Not so bad, really.

We had leftovers from last night. Friends brought home made butter tarts as their contribution to the Halloween event. We had one trick-or-treater. Lots of leftover candy... Also, last night, I tried my hand at making spinach and feta pies with phyllo pastry. Wow! It was so easy and fun! I will totally do that again. It was a big hit.

So garlicy spinach and feta pies with butter tarts for breakfast. Being a grownup is great.

Also, last night, I started knitting the picot edging for a beaded bag. Said bag was finished today, in spurts, as I was doing laundry and working on making Christmas tree decorations.

I'm planning a blog post about those, but suffice it to say the instructions were deceptive, and aluminum foil should stay in the kitchen. Just saying.

The power went out for about 2.5 seconds today and that somehow fried the hard drive on our main computer. Dan has spent much of today figuring this out. Luckily, we have two laptops and two iPhones in the house, so we have rather a lot of connectivity. It's kind of embarrassing, really.

I have started doing yoga again, in earnest. Even though there are tons of great places to go walking and hiking around here, sometimes I don't want to leave the house. We have LOTS of floor space on which to do yoga, so I have been following along with a few podcasts. They are easing me into a full practice. Once I'm up to speed, I'll be doing at least an hour of yoga every day. I am concerned about my weight (aren't we all) but also my heart. I've been having pain in my chest lately and I don't want to be one of those people who was 'so young to have a heart attack'.

I can't tell you how lovely it is to have a wood stove going and to have warm dry heat in this house. When we first moved in, we didn't have a stick of firewood and all the 'free' wood that was around was absolutely drenched. This is a rather large house and to be in a large cold house is very unpleasant.

Did I mention I am completely blond now? I started dyeing streaks in June, and then a bit more in August, and now I went whole head. I really like it. I feel so much younger! But different colours work on me now. Pinks and reds - not so good. I need to start wearing more greens and blues.

I know, totally random stream-of-consciousness post, won't win any awards. But hey, it's a window into my day! Now to roll up the yoga mat, brush my teeth, check my Pocket Frogs, and start reading Anil's Ghost. It's the Michael Ondaatje novel I have read every November since it was released.

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  1. Wow! I can't quite picture you blond! That's what we get for not seeing you in person very often..Good for you with the yoga. I've been trying to walk almost every day, and then I just stretch and stretch. But yoga would be better!