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Thursday, February 3, 2011

still knitting, just without evidence

I wanted to assure any of you who might have been worried that I am still knitting. I'm finding that with working a new job, I'm quite pooped by the time I get home and the last thing I want to do is turn on my computer. I have been knitting though.

1) back in December I joined a Yahoo! group for a Dishcloth KAL. I figured I could manage that... ten lines of a pattern come out every day for about five days. This happens at the beginning of the month and again at mid-month. I figured I've been getting these notices, I might as well start knitting the darn dishcloth. I need more, I have plenty of yarn for it, and it seems like an easy brain-free way to go.

What I'm finding interesting is just how many brand new knitters are joining this group, knit a few dishcloths, and then think they can start selling them. It's shocking, really. There are several thousand people in this group, and LOTS of them post their photos to the group when they are done. I guess we all knit for different reasons.

2) I turned the heel today on sock #2 for Dan. I started this sock, O, in October? and am finally getting around to finishing. I cast on this second sock last Friday, so I figure at this rate I'll definitely have it done by Valentine's day.

3) I have done a bit more work on the Candy Poncho as well. I'm almost done the last ball of pink, will knit my way through a one more ball of red, then cast off. I want to wear it on Valentine's Day!

4) working on a test piece for a new designer. Cannot comment any further.

5) Have not been working on anything else. Feel pretty good about plowing through my current WIPs and looking forward to having all three of these projects off the needles in the next week or so. Then I can focus on my other WIPs:

- BMW socks (just above heel of first sock on a toe-up construction)
- pink & white stranded mitten (first one completed)
- a cotton tank top I started two summers ago
- Brother Amos Hellfire Lace socks in Malabrigo. Gotta get them done.

And THEN I will let myself work on my Cookie A socks.

I came to a decision about my yarn habit the other day. I'm not calling it a Yarn Diet, but I will not let myself buy any more yarn until the yarn I have has a specific project earmarked for it and they are knit. I'm going to give a lot of my stash away - including the mountain of recently acquired free yarn. There are tons of knitters around here that would be happy to pick over my free yarn, and as soon as I get that organized, I'll put up signs around town (after my immediate circle of friends has a look, of course). I just don't want to have to manage my stash. I feel guilty for the amount of yarn I have. How did this happen? I had such a tiny stash a year ago...

See, then we moved to this area and met someone who was just opening up a yarn shop, see and she had so many good things! I was powerless... Then the other day I opened up a rubbermaid bin and found yarn I had bought from her early on and forgotten about. That's when I knew I had a problem.

Therefore I am resolved. 2011 is my Serious Destashing Year. Now that I'm working almost full time, I will have less time to knit, but perhaps I'll get more streamlined with my crafting.

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  1. I total understand about the yarn. When I was organizing this past December, I got very frustrated that I couldn't fit everything in the designated yarn area and still organize it by my favoured system. I won't not buy yarn, but I'm definitely a lot pickier, and making sure I'm going through yarn faster than I'm buying it.