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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dan and Hurricane Irene

Dan and I have iPhones. Between Twitter and our WhatsApp text messaging app, I was able to keep in touch with him and know that he stayed safe.

Over the weekend, I was checking Twitter and the hurricane status every hour. Kinston lost power. What does that mean? Was Dan prepared? What did he do? Turns out, he spent much of his time at the brewery.

See when you make beer, part of the brewing process is that it needs to be chilled. And chilling requires power. So it was extremely important that the beer remain chilled, or lots of beer (read: money) would be lost. Dan made sure everything kept cool.

Lots of trees, large trees, came down during the hurricane. Dan had just bought a new #floundertruck on Friday, and on Saturday he put it in the ditch. He did so because he was avoiding the HUGE tree that fell in front of him. He was able to pull it of the mud the following day with his other #floundertruck Remember he drove to North Carolina in a 1986 Nissan 720 pickup with 4WD, and now has a 1962 Dodge pickup truck. Guess what? They're both blue. (I think that is fodder for another story).

Last night there was a tornado 35 miles north of Kinston. Great. But Dan said he was not worried. We are still keeping in touch. It's so funny to think that we went from an earthquake/tsunami zone to a hurricane/tornado area.  

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  1. Hope you're feeling better Stace. (()) And somehow I missed the story of Dan getting a second truck?! xxT