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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Google maps' suggested route

So... I have applied for a job in Greenville, North Carolina. It's hard to know how good my chances are. I think if I was actually there, my chances would be pretty good. But I'm not and I need a work visa (if my green card doesn't magically appear in the next week or so) so I just don't know. But on the off chance I do get it, I'll need to leave in a hurry. I have been poring over my road atlas for weeks now, thinking about how long it would take and what route to go by. Then I looked at what Google maps would suggest. It is way different, no big surprise. I what thinking of a more southern route but this is more direct. Here is a link to the map and route:

Stacey's Grand Road Trip Adventure 

All told it will be about 50 driving hours. That doesn't include stops at all, and with my mother in tow, there will be several stops, plus we will be staying in a hotel every night. So it should take us six to seven days. If we weren't going through Missoula, it would probably take us five, and we would cross the border in Saskatchewan to North Dakota.


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