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Mr. Noodle
Mr. Noodle

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Big Uncertainty

Well, here it is.

We moved here three months ago so Dan could put together the brewing system and then be the brewer for the new brewery. Three. Months.

The contract was delayed and delayed and delayed. Meanwhile, with no money coming in, and bills piling up, we got nervous.

Now They have decided they can put the brewery together themselves and will call him when they are ready to have a brewer.

Uh, thanks. Thanks for casting us into this mucky situation. Thanks for stringing us along.

But, ever an optimist, I think something good will come of this. Maybe it means we will get our business going that much sooner. Maybe another opportunity will fall in our lap that we wouldn't have otherwise seen if we hadn't moved here. Who knows.

We have really settled in here and have a great social group of friends and colleagues now. People who know us know that Dan and Stacey are people with integrity, passion, resourcefulness, and a big pile of interesting stories. We are also generous, but are aware when we get taken advantage of - but we will only put up with it for so long. Push us too far, and, well, it won't be pretty.

All will be well. And now we know what is (and isn't) happening.


  1. boy, we've been there before and it's tough! Keep on truckin' and don't let the bastards get you down!