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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jewel Cupcake

I call this a Jewel Cupcake for two reasons: 1) it was a birthday gift for the tally gal I work with most often and her name is Jewel. As a result, I put pretty beads on top to make it look like jewels!

This is actually my second cupcake. I started by crocheting a circle in the bottom. Then I picked up the stitches around the edge and did a 2x2 rib to make it look like the ribbing in a cupcake paper thingy, knitting in the round.

When I got to the top of where I wanted the cupcake to start getting bigger, I increased a lot to make it fan out. For the bottom, I inserted a piece of cardboard the same size as the round bit. Then I stuffed it with some fleece (formerly the curtains in our van).

I was decreasing for the top when I decided to put the 'jewels' on - I figured it would be much easier to hide the loose ends inside than out, so I got out a needle and thread and attached the beads (that I got for Christmas from my nieces).

This was a really fun project. I'm thinking about making more - a lot more - and at some point when I get the technique down, I'll put together a pattern. They are just so much fun. And the best part? The look on their face when you tell them you made them a cupcake but one that doesn't have any fat or calories. :-) It's so nice to knit for people who appreciate the effort. It's also nice to expose people to knitting that is unconventional.

Pretty pleased with myself.

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