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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

making up for lost time

O boy.

I had big plans to do all sorts of housework and yard work today and then a whole bunch of blog posts and then knitting. Then I got tired. And then Sweety said "let's go for ice cream!" Naturally, I dropped whatever I was doing and put on my boots.

(Rubber boots, by the way, are completely acceptable normal footwear around here. Especially since it has rained ten times today.)

(paragraph deleted for content I'm not allowed to share. Not just yet anyway.)

But since it was my first day off in a while (after being sick), I tried to pack too much into one day and then I simply got tired. Picked up a crochet hook and some brown yarn, started the bottom of a birthday cupcake for a gal I work with. She'd get mad at me if I brought her a real one (fat, calories, etc.) so I thought a yarn cupcake would be okay. I'm only working on the chocolate bottom part right now, but it will have pink 'frosting'. This will be my second cupcake and hopefully a marked improvement on the first.

I've been meeting so many people on line lately and have stumbled on a few new blogs. This one made me cry. I don't know why, it was just powerfully written and you can feel her pain come through the text. Gorgeous pictures and interesting content. If we ever move to Wisconsin, maybe I'll meet her.

I am a bit scattered at the moment, since much of our life is up in the air. We have Big Uncertainty before us (and when I am at liberty to discuss, I will). It's a bit nerve-wracking but also sort of exciting. I mean, I had uncertainty before I met Dan. Now it's just more fun. :-)

For the moment, I continue with my fish job, continue hammering away at the telehealth project, and I'll be teaching a new batch of classes at Knits by the Sea in July/August.

I still have a list of things I'm planning to blog about, mostly with photos, but I hope my dear readers you will bear with me until I can sort some other stuff out first!

(Anyone in Victoria? Apparently there is a photo of me in a recent Victoria News. I haven't seen it so if you could save me a copy... thanks!)


  1. ice cream has a way of fixing just about any ailment!

  2. Ok, that's just too much of a teaser! I can't wait that long to hear more about the Big Uncertainty! Any chance you can share with just me? pretty please? I won't tell anyone.... :)