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Monday, August 2, 2010

brief news update

Some of you have been asking about things I have posted about, so I'll tell you:

My Uncle

I haven't heard anything. I can only assume that this means he has regained his appetite and returned home, that he is out of danger at present.

My Arm

It's doing okay. The bruise is turning to the green/yellow colour it gets just before it goes back to normal. It's still tender to the touch, so I try not to brush it against anything. I have ensured that blood gets to my hands by knitting several hours each day.

My Knitting

Okay nobody really cares about this but I'll tell you anyway. After I'm done Internet-ing, I'm going to put in a movie and finish those socks. I'll post about that tomorrow. I'm about 20% into the Blue Sky Alpaca project (which is a Christmas gift so I can't get too public about it. Visit my Ravelry page if you're curious) is going great and I just *love* knitting with this yarn. Once the green socks are off the needles, I'll turn the house upside down looking for my 2.5mm circs so I can cast on that Malabrigo yarn. I also have a tank top I started last year and am probably a few hours away from finishing if only I can find page 2 of the pattern. I also have a second baby blanket for Sybil's twins due in September that I'm only 15% into.

My Knitting Job

It's so cool to be able to say that. Ellie is keeping me busy, I'm teaching at least once a week this month. Next month I'll start tutoring some little girls who are getting home-schooled by their mother in the Waldorf School style.

My Fish Job

Um. I logged 16 hours last week. Dan has been getting a lot more hours, but that's because we are doing different kinds and sizes of vessels. It's good, actually, because while he's at work I can crank my music (we do not share any music tastes, alas) and clean the house. I dunno, fish arrive, I count them, then I go home. Not much has happened this weekend, I'm not sure if I didn't get called because of my arm or because there just haven't been any boats coming in. I'm glad to have had the long weekend off, at any rate. I'm back at it tomorrow.

My Status as a Ukee resident

Ukee, for those not in the know, is what people around here call "Ucluelet". It's easier to say, for one thing. Most of the people who have grown up here or lived here a long time can't pronounce Ucluelet anyway (they say you-CUE-let), so we just say Ukee.

We had friends over for dinner last night and they re-inspired our idea for a business here. We just need to to some stuff, send some things away, see if we can round up some investors (we have three parties interested), and get the thing going. I'm not going to say what the idea is, because it's a good one, and we don't want word getting out lest someone steal it and try it themselves. If there is a good chance we can get it going before our fish work slows down in the fall, we'll have to seriously consider our plan regarding where we live. We are on the fence about staying here and making a go of it or finding opportunity elsewhere.

It's tough, though, because I'm looking at the fog bank in front of our house and wishing it was warmer. The desert sounds wonderful. I just want to be warm. But then we are in this great house here and there is a wood stove and it sure sounds great to be able to have knit nights here in the winter with friends and knitting and hot chocolate and a fire. But then I think about the proximity to good Mexican food and ingredients. Avocados! Chiles! Tomatillos! Then I think about our current access to amazing fresh local fish and seafood. See our dilemma? There are plenty of good reasons for us to be in either place.

In the end, we have decided we will seize the best opportunity. That's the great thing about us, our relationship, our lack of progeny: we are very flexible and always interested in adventure. Dan and I both feel that home is wherever we are together (well, and the kitty too).

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  1. When I look at your Knits by the Sea opening photos, I think, why would you want to leave such a great and welcoming community and all these burgeoning friendships! And your business idea (unless it's a brand new one?) rocks, and would definitely be successful.

    But I'm with you in the fog bank. Could never live somewhere colder and wetter than here, and we're in one of the warmest (if not the warmest) places in Canada. I don't envy your decision! But seizing the opportunity when it presents itself is the way to go, and all will become clear in the weeks and months ahead. Can't wait to watch!